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What is the North Carolina Journal of European Studies?

The North Carolina Journal of European Studies is dedicated to showcasing the analytical, critical, and creative work of UNC undergraduate students on issues related to contemporary Europe. Published on an annual basis, the journal seeks submissions from across the university’s academic departments.

The founding mission of the Center for European Studies’ Undergraduate Journal is student development. Ensuring that our undergraduates have pathways to publication and academic success is crucial to the development of the curriculum in general, and the EURO major in particular. Eventually, continued success and publication of the journal will help elevate our curriculum to the very top of undergraduate academics on the European Union, European histories and cultures, and the transatlantic relationship in the United States.

Interested in submitting work to the NCJES?

Your submission should be a paper, no more than 20 pages (double spaced) in length, that has previously been submitted to a professor for review or grade. Whole honors theses cannot be submitted, but individual chapters of theses may be submitted for consideration. The paper should demonstrate original thinking and/or research; research reports summarizing facts should not be submitted. There should be an analytical or creative component that distinguishes it from the sources it references. Lastly, there should be a works cited section.

Submissions due March 31

Fourth Edition

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Third Edition

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Second Edition

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First Edition

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