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Welcome to the UNC Center for European Studies

A Jean Monnet Center of Excellence | U.S. Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center

Find Europe on Campus

CES regularly hosts speakers, conferences, workshops, and courses. Sign up for our Eurofile Newsletter for updates! Access our Europe-related online resources.

Connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and YouTube, and reach out by email with questions about our programs.

One student stands holding a sign that says Center for European Studies while another student smiles behind him in the Global Education Center.

Upcoming Events

Think Europe

Consider the undergraduate EURO major, or apply to the TransAtlantic Masters program. Both of these academic programs will give you a unique perspective on the EU & Europe, and their relationships with the US.

Advance Research

Apply for CES funding to travel & participate in programs, conferences and workshops that bring European educators, researchers and innovators together from around the world. Funding is available from undergraduate level to faculty.

Get Local

Programs like EU2U Teacher Trainings and Learning Through Languages are created to engage K-14 instructors, their students, and the community in the study of Europe. Contact our International Education Programs Coordinator for more details.