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The Shape of the Table
Photo by the Right Image Photography Inc.

Study Guides for David Edgar’s Iron Curtain Trilogy

The Shape of the Table Study Guide (PDF)

Pentecost Study Guide (PDF)

The Prisoner’s Dilemma Study Guide (PDF)

External Links

You can find teaching resources typically highlighted in the right hand side bar of each page (where available), and video resources are directly embedded in the pages. However, please feel free to explore the links listed below as they appear by module.

Definition of communism via

The Communist Manifesto—Document text in English

Karl MarxBiography and other information

Friedrich EngelsBiography and other information

The Revolutions of 1848—More information

The Russian Revolution –More information

Timeline of the Russian Revolution

Video Lecture on the Russian Revolution and Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky—Biographies and other information

Lenin’s Testament document text

Joseph Stalin—Biography and other information

The Great Purges—More information

Great Purges video

Hitler-Stalin Non-Aggression Pact document text


Pipes, Richard (1990). The Russian Revolution: 1899–1919. London: Collins Harvill.

Service, Robert (2000). Lenin: A Biography. London: Macmillan.

Montefiore, Simon Sebag (2003). Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar

Service, Robert (2004). Stalin: A Biography

The Yalta Conference –More information

The Yalta Agreements  document texts

The Potsdam Conference via BBC

The Potsdam Agreements documents text

Harry Truman and Potsdam—Biography and other information

Annexation of Soviet Socialist Republics—More information

Poland, 1939 map

Finland and the Winter War map

The Soviet Socialist Republics map

Soviet Satellite States map

Occupation of Germany, 1945 map

Video on the Allied Division of Germany  via YouTube


Fulbrook, Mary. “The Two Germanies, 1945–90” (ch. 7) and “The Federal Republic of Germany Since 1990” (ch. 8) in A Concise History of Germany (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004): 203–249; 249–257.

Video introduction to the Cold War via YouTube

The Long Telegram original document via the Truman Library

The Long TelegramMore information

The Truman Doctrine—document text and more information

Containment TheoryMore information

The History of the Marshall Plan—More information

The Marshall PlanMore information

Organization for European Economic CooperationInformation via OECD

Video on the Marshall Plan via YouTube

Text of the Marshall Plan speech

COMECONMore information

NATO—More information

Warsaw Pact—More information

Korean War

PBS film on Nuclear Arms Race via YouTube

Cold War Alliances map

The Iron Curtain map

The Iron Curtain Information and videos via Encyclopedia Britannica

Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” SpeechInformational video via YouTube

Iron Curtain Speech—Full audio via YouTube

Iron Curtain Speech text

Photographs of the Berlin Wall via the Cold War Museum

Timeline of the Berlin Wall

Interactive map of the Berlin Wall

Checkpoint Charlie—More information

Life in East Germany—Article from the Guardian

Photos: Life in East Germany

Recommended Films:

Good Bye Lenin!

The Lives of Others

Timeline with informational material

Timeline: Soviet Union History

Khrushchev’s ThawMore information

Prezi presentation and Quizlet study tools

The GULAG systemOnline Exhibit

1953 GDR (East Germany) UprisingMore information

1956 Hungary UprisingMore information

Ukrainian NationalismMore information

Brezhnev DoctrineMore information

Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties I and IIMore information

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan More information via Encyclopedia Britannica

Soviet-Afghanistan War More information via Ducksters

Mikhail GorbachevBiography and more information

Glasnost and Perestroika—Biography and more information

Boris Yeltsin—Biography and more information

Video on early causes of Collapse via Neok12

Video on the Collapse of the Soviet Union via NeoK12

SolidarityMore information

Solidarity Movement video via YouTube

Solidarity originsMore information

Lech WalesaBiography and more information

Solidarity Timeline via the BBC

Czechoslovakia: The Velvet Revolution—More information

Civic ForumMore information

Vaclav HavelBiography and more information

Hungary, 1989More information

Janos KadarBiography and more information

Karoly GroszBiography and more information

Hungarian Socialist PartyMore information

Hungary punches a hole in the Iron CurtainArticle from German news source, Spiegel Online

Pan-European PicnicArticle from German news source, Deutsche Welle

East German flight video via YouTube

BPENTECOST-Study-GuideShape-Study-GuideDilemma-Study-GuideulgariaMore information

Todor ZhivkovBiography and more information

Petar MladenovBiography and more information

Romanian Revolution of 1989More information

Nicolae Ceausescu–Biography and more information

Ion Illescu–Biography and more information

The Birth of a United Europe:

History of the EU timeline from the European Union

Video introduction to the EU

European Coal and Steel CommunityMore information

De Gaulle and British ascensionMore information

Schengen AgreementMore information

Single European ActMore information

Treaty on the European UnionMore information

Single currencyMore information

Foreign and security policyMore information

Justice and home affairsMore information

Single marketMore information

Treaty of AmsterdamMore information and summary here

The Stabilization and Association ProcessMore information

Treaty of NiceMore information

PDF files of all EU treaties—primary documents

EU Enlargement Groups gifinteractive map of EU ascension groups

How the EU works today Videos and explainer from the BBC

Introduction to the Prisoner’s Dilemma and MAD

Mutually Assured DestructionMore information

Cuban Missile CrisisMore information

Online Exhibit on Cuban Missile Crisis with interactive primary documents, photographs

Eastern Europe transition: Shock Therapy More information

Jeffrey Sachs Biography and more information

Differences in success for post-Communist transitions

Freedom House Reports through 2000 on democratization and economic transition in post-Communist countries

Freedom House Report 2014 on democratization and economic transition in post-Communist countries