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Are you looking for an opportunity to build your resume, explore careers related to Europe, or make some money doing what you love?  Then you are probably interested in working an internship!

Internships can provide you with the necessary experience for applying to jobs or graduate school.  They are also a chance to travel, network, and put the lessons you learn in the classroom into practice.  However, it can be difficult to know how to start your internship search.  It is important to consider the following factors when looking at potential internships:
  • Is it paid or unpaid?
  • Does it compensate for housing and travel costs?
  • What is the time frame for the position (spring semester, summer, year long)?
  • Are there GPA requirements, recommendation letters, certain majors, or years in school needed to be considered?
  • Is it eligible for UNC course credit?

To help with your internship search, we have gathered the resources below.  If you have any questions, contact Career Services or your advisor to learn more.  Feel free to browse below or conduct your own research to find opportunities that interest you.

Start your search:

Sponsored by the UNC Center for Global Initiatives,this resource helps UNC students learn more about international internship experiences that other students have had.  The database is searchable by various categories and in multiple ways; for example, you can search by country, by organization, or by topic.  This database only includes international internships, which is helpful if you plan on working outside of the U.S. after graduation.
Also, feel free to submit your internship experience to help other students!
International Internship Database (Requires an ONYEN)
Careerolina (the UNC Career Services job search engine) has limited international internships listed.  However, they do provide links to various UNC and for-profit organizations that may help your search.  If you are interested in an internship in international affairs positioned in the U.S., you may still want to try searching through Careerolina (Requires an ONYEN).
UNC Career Services – International Internships
The UNC Study Abroad Office offers some programs that feature an international internship to accompany the university course load.  The website features UNC-Faculty led, Exchange, and Third-Party Approved programs located in Europe.  Some of these programs are semester long, and others take place during the summer.  There may be other programs you can find that are not listed with the Study Abroad Office, but often they must be approved by UNC to receive credit for the courses.
UNC Study Abroad
The UNC Center for European Studies provides resources for external opportunities to present your research on Europe, travel or study in Europe, or find funding, fellowships, and job opportunities that relate to your career goals.
External Opportunities
Honors Carolina provides various programs that allow students to go beyond classroom learning to develop skills and conduct research internationally.  The Honors programs offer opportunities to travel internationally and gain real-life skills to include on your resume.
Global Honors Carolina, the following are Honors programs related to international affairs and or Europe:

  1. The Honors Seminar on Public Policy and Global Affairs provides a unique “study abroad” experience in our nation’s capital (D.C). The program includes internships and weekly seminars that allow students to engage directly with organizations that influence domestic and international affairs. Students are exposed to a range of public policies that influence global economic prosperity, national security, and America’s role in the broader international community.
  2. LONDON: LIVE. WORK. LEARN. BE. Study at Carolina’s own Winston House on historic Bedford Square. Attend seminars within the shadow of the British Museum, conduct research at the British Library, and learn from professors who make London their home. Personalized internship opportunities are available in fields ranging from global finance to healthcare and the arts.
  3. The Carolina Blue Honors Fellowship allows students with a passion for the business of sports to create their own summer internship built around international sports entrepreneurship.
  4. Burch Field Research Seminars are six-week programs that offer undergraduate students the opportunity to combine traditional course work with hands-on learning experiences. The following are seminars located in Europe:
    1. EUROPEAN SMART CITIES AND RENEWABLE ENERGYbegins with visits in Freiburg, Germany before moving to The Netherlands and back to Germany to close the program.
    2. EXPLORE CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND DEMOCRACY BUILDING IN THE BALKANS, spend three weeks in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo and the final three weeks are spent in Vienna.
    3. TEXTURE OF MEMORY: JEWISH LIFE AND THE HOLOCAUSTspend four weeks in Poland and one week in Lithuania examining how the Holocaust is remembered and memorialized.
    6. MUSICAL PERSPECTIVESa 14-week program in two of the most exciting metropolitan centers in Europe: London, England and Florence, Italy.
Idealist is an organization aimed at connecting people who want to “do good” with opportunities for collaboration and action.  It includes an internship, job, and volunteer search engine.  Idealist is a good resource because it allows you to filter results based on location, pay, and area of focus.  It also includes some remote internships that can be completed from where you are now, a viable option if traveling for an internship is not possible.
Embark Carolina is a new, dynamic resource in the university’s effort to open access to global opportunities so that more diverse students can pursue more diverse experiences. Explore the Global Guide to help you find an opportunity and search the Funding Finder to help you fund it.
Embark Carolina

More Opportunities: