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As part of our concerted effort to spread knowledge about the European Union and contemporary Europe to North Carolina, the Center for European Studies (CES) offers EU2U workshops on a wide variety of issues pertaining to the EU.

EU2U Workshops are professional development sessions offered to educators and students at K-12 schools, community colleges, HBCU/MSIs, four-year universities and professional schools. The sessions focus on EU-related topics, helping to bolster participants’ understanding of Europe and the European Union. We also work with educational non-profits and businesses. Thanks to generous grants from the European Union and US Department of Education, we are able to come to your classroom or workplace free of cost.

Decorative image of EU flags in front of the European Commission.


   Who Can Book a Session?

Educational institutions, non-profits and businesses.

  • Any North Carolina K-12 school, Community College, or MSI/HBCU.
  • Local non-profits and businesses
  • Priority will be given to underserved school districts/areas (Title I Schools, Community Colleges, HBCU/MSIs) and those beyond the Research Triangle.

FREE! No booking fees or travel expenses required.


Normally about one hour. We’re happy to do multiple sessions in one day (e.g., meeting multiple classes, etc.).

  • We are flexible on this if you have certain scheduling needs or want a more/less intensive session.
   Content & Format

Your choice of European-related topic

  • Initial introduction covers the basics about contemporary Europe and the European Union, tailored to you interests, if you have specific topics in mind. Previous topics covered include “EU101,” “Brexit’s Impact on the Local Business Community,” and “The History of Transatlantic Trade, Cooperation, and Investment”
  • The rest of the presentation comprises a facilitated VR session focusing on exploring different EU capitals! (We can accommodate up to 30 participants simultaneously for this portion).

To learn more, read about our fall 2018 business training on Brexit and watch the recorded livestream.

If you would like to host an EU2U! session at your institution, please email Education Outreach Coordinator Brett Harris at

EU flag with text that says This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of its author and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.From 2017-2019, EU2U workshops were supported by a Getting to Know Europe grant from the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.