As a multidisciplinary major, Contemporary European Studies draws on faculty strengths and resources across a number of departments. All faculty affiliated with the EURO major are listed by department or unit below. Members of the faculty steering committee curriculum are designated with an asterisk (*).

AntropologyPeter Redfield
ArtMary Sheriff
EconomicsPatrick Conway
English and Comparative LiteratureChristopher Armitage
Marsha Collins
Pamela Cooper
Eric Downing
Clayton Koelb
Diane Leonard
GeographyBanu Gökariksel
John Pickles*
Germanic Languages and LiteraturesEric Downing
Jonathan Hess
Clayton Koelb
Richard Langston
HistoryChristopher Browing
Chad Bryant*
Karen Hagemann
Konrad Jarausch
Lloyd Kramer
Klaus Larres*
Susan Pennybacker
Donald Reid*
LawMichael Corrado
PhilosophyGerald Postema
Political ScienceFrank Baumgartner
Susan Bickford
Liesbet Hooghe*
Robert Jenkins
Gary Marks
Timothy McKeown
Layna Mosley
Thomas Oatley
Graeme Robertson
Donald Searing*
John Stephens*
Milada Vachudova
Romance Languages and LiteraturesDino Cervigni
Dominique Fisher
Federico Luisetti*
Hassan Melehy
Slavic, Eurasian, and East European StudiesRobert Jenkins