EURO Major LogoIf you’re an undergraduate interested in the politics, economics, society, and culture of present-day Europe, consider majoring in Contemporary European Studies (EURO).

As a EURO major, you’ll deepen your understanding of the issues and events currently shaping Europe, while developing advanced proficiency in a modern European language.  Students who wish to specialize in modern Europe within a particular discipline (such as Political Science, Economics, or History) are especially encouraged to pursue EURO as a second major.  You’ll also have special access to the many resources of UNC’s Center for European Studies, a United States Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center and a European Union Center of Excellence funded by the European Commission.

The EURO degree’s sophisticated disciplinary framework and extensive language training will help prepare you for graduate studies on contemporary Europe and/or for an exciting international career.

View the new and improved EURO major requirements (effective Fall 2014).