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Current Events & Opportunities

There is always something happening at CES! We regularly host speakers, conferences, workshops, or courses. If you want to get connected to Europe at UNC, check out some of these opportunities!


Are you an undergraduate or aspiring graduate student wishing to deepen you understanding of the issues and events shaping Europe?

EURO Major & TAM

Consider enrolling in the EURO Major, or applying to TAM. Each of these academic programs will give you a unique and varied perspective on the EU, Europe, and its relationship with the United States.


Are you a research-driven student interested in receiving funding or a travel stipend to participate in scholarship on Europe and the EU?

Get Funded Today

Join in CES-sponsored research or participate in intriguing conferences and workshops that bring European educators, researchers and innovators together from all around the world.


CES is engaged beyond the university. Are you teacher looking for resources? Or are you a member of the public interested in how Europe affects your community?

Reaching the Community

Programs like Teacher Training Initiatives and EURO Challenge are created to engage the interests of instructors, their students, and the community in the study of Europe.