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What is TAM?

The TransAtlantic Masters Program (TAM) trains graduate students pursuing international careers in administration, diplomacy, business, policy-making, consulting, teaching, and research. Offered by way of partnerships between world-renowned universities in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, TAM is a unique and intensive degree program. TAM students pursue graduate study on both sides of the Atlantic while earning a master's degree.

In the face of accelerated European integration and intensification of US-EU relations, it has become imperative that students wishing to enter into international careers understand the institutional history and social, political, cultural, and economic practices of nations that comprise the EU's international community. TAM prepares students to assume positions of leadership in world affairs by providing them with a broad comparative understanding of EU-US politics, policy, and social evolution, complemented by expertise in a particular nation or topic.

To meet the demands of students wishing to pursue various career goals in the expanding transatlantic arena, the TAM program offers different tracks as well as various degree options. Students can choose to receive a master's degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina, or they may opt for a degree granted by one of the European universities. In the case of our new double-degree option, students will seek both a UNC and a European MA simultaneously. Please see the videos above to hear about TAM from two different perspectives.

The TAM Mission Statement

Embedded within UNC-CH’s Center for European Studies, TAM is a unique graduate-level program that affords students the opportunity to study both on the UNC campus and at one or two of our overseas partner sites. Established in 1998, this interdisciplinary MA program focuses on contemporary Europe and the transatlantic relationship. Students learn about EU institutions, European integration, and comparative welfare states. They focus on the pressing issues Europe faces today such as security, immigration and economic disparity. TAM educates students by way of classroom and experiential learning environments. We train individuals in the methods of social-science critical inquiry and cultural adaptability. We remain committed to and engaged with the alumni community as our graduates pursue many different types of goals in international diplomacy, business, education, politics, law, and research.

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