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Sustainability studies examine ways to preserve resources and to protect the environment so that our planet remains hospitable to life. Concerns about sustainability motivate us to evaluate current systems and propose changes or innovations that increase efficiency. The eventual goal of sustainability is to have self-supporting systems. Recycling plays a role as do more efficient-energy systems and a move away from fossil fuels. Climate change is a sustainability issue that influences everyone’s lives due to economic disruptions, pollution, and natural disasters. Sustainable living provides the tools to mediate some of these disruptions and to reflect on the needs of future generations. By acting sustainably, we can reduce our impact on nature, and increase living standards across the world. The EU and the US support the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


ENEC 201: Introduction to Environment and Society

ENEC 210: Energy in a Sustainable Environment Seminar

ENEC 237: Food, Environment, and Sustainability

ENEC 393: Internship in Sustainability

ENEC 420: Community Design and Green Architecture

ENEC 431: Sustainable Cities: Exploring Ways to Make Cities More Sustainable

ENEC 474: Sustainable Coastal Management

ENEC 480: Environmental Decision Making

ENEC 482: Energy and the Environment: A Coastal Perspective

ENEC 520: Environment and Development

ENEC 547: Energy, Transportation, and Land Use

COMM 375: Environmental Advocacy

BUSI 507: Sustainable Business and Social Entrepreneurship

PLCY 520: Environment and Development

PLAN 330: Principles of Sustainability

GEOG 141: Geography for Future Leaders


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