CES offers several funding opportunities for student, faculty and K-16 educator research and study. In addition to our own resources, we encourage students to reference the opportunities listed on this page when applying for internships, and looking for funding for global study and experiences.
Research Funding

CES Opportunities

Brussels Study Tour

UNC undergraduates
NC K-12, community college, and HBCU/MSI educators

EU in NC

NC K-12, community college, and HBCU/MSI educators

FLAS Fellowships

UNC undergraduates & graduate students

Faculty Research Awards

UNC faculty & graduate students (joint projects with faculty)


Resources, Funding & Internships

For information on additional funding opportunities, consult UNC’s Study Abroad office, the Office of Distinguished Scholarships and the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid.

For info on staff, faculty and alumni funding, check out the Carolina Internal Funding Database and UNC CGI’s funding opportunities page.

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Photo: Secret Passages, Lily Stephens | Burano, Italy