Affiliated Graduate Students

Current Students

Name Department Research Interests/Field
Dave Attewell Political Science Comparative politics
Jordan Bessette Romance Studies Representations of gender, sexuality and the city as depicted in the novel
Francesco Bratos Romance Studies Modern Italian and American culture and literature
Rachael Bundy Romance Studies 20th and 21st century French and Francophone literature, themes of Judaism and memory in contemporary French literature
Tessa Bullington Romance Studies Writings of lesser-known authors from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, various portrayals of sex, gender, animality, and disease and the ways in which they relate to genealogies – both real and imagined
Katherine Calvin Art History 18th and early 19th-century European art and visual culture
Elena Casey Romance Studies Representations of melancholy, madness, and mental illness in Early Modern Spanish Literature
Massimiliano Cirulli Romance Studies 20th century Italian literature and cinema, Italian folklore, the Italian Post-war period, with special regard to the economic boom and the industrialization process in Italy between the 1950s and the 1970s, and second language acquisition
Kirsten Cooper History The intersection of political and diplomatic developments with socio-cultural trends and public opinion, as well as the formation and development of concepts of national characteristics and national stereotypes across political boundaries
Oskar Czendze History Modern Jewish history, East-Central Europe, memory and cultural studies
Martin Dawson Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies Temporal experience in late nineteenth and early twentieth century German literature, nineteenth and twentieth century music, aesthetics, opera, and silence in literature
Peter Gengler History Modern Germany, particularly the postwar period
Santiago Giron Gesteira Romance Studies Spanish
Emma Goehler Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies The intersubjective dimensions of fiction and the ways that fiction and metaphor allow for and interrogate the possibilities of crossing and restructuring social borders
Jacob Gunderson Political Science Comparative politics
Brianna Guthrie Art History 16th and 17th century British portraiture, with a focus on portrayals of the family
Erin Grady Art History Heresy and hybridity represented visually in thirteenth century manuscripts
Edana Kleinhans Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies Aspects of gender in Das Schiff des Heils as part of the theological and classical reception of Sebastian Brant’s Das Narrenschiff
Rhi Johnson Romance Studies Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century narrative and verse in Spain and Spanish America, with a focus on medical discourses, the confluence of scientific texts and culture, and female subjectivity
Andreas Jozwiak Political Science Comparative politics
Jelle Koedam Political Science Political parties, democratic representation, and populism
Till Knobloch History Germany
Eroll Kuhn Political Science Comparative politics
Caroline Lancaster Political Science Comparative politics
Max Lazar History The intersection of Modern European, German, Jewish, and social history, with a particular emphasis on the twentieth century
Undraa Lhamsuren Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies 20th century German postwar literature and culture, contemporary literature, children’s and young adult literature
Gina Mangravite Romance Studies 19th century to present day Italian Literature and Cinema, Disability Studies, Feminist Theory, Neapolitan Women Writers, Migrant Writers
Colleen McAlister Romance Studies 19th Century Peninsular Spanish literature. Romanticism. The Gothic in Spanish literature. Fantastic literature. Ruin Theory. Representations of ruins in the visual arts. Beginnings of Archaeology as a discipline. Archaeological and Architectural descriptions of classical ruins in 19th century Spanish literature.
Sarah Miles History Twentieth century global francophone history, particularly the interactions between France and its former colonies including Quebec, Algeria, the French Caribbean, and French West Africa
Emma Monroy Romance Studies Visual culture, text and image studies, digital humanities, and the politics of francophonie
Brantly Moore Art History The intersection of art, science and trade, the evolution of cultural identities through the establishment of collections and painting styles, and wonder as a stimulus of and justification for the production of art in Northern European courts from the 15th-17th centuries
Martha Moreno Linares Romance Studies Comics studies, graphic memoirs, francophone women writers, biopolitics
Caroline Nilsen History The history and contested legacy in Norway of Der Lebensborn e.V., an SS eugenics program founded in 1935 that aimed to raise the number of “Aryan” children by supporting “racially pure and healthy” mothers and raising their offspring (born both within and without wedlock) in the spirit of Nazi ideology
Devran Koray Ocal Geography Human geography, Transnational Muslims, Turkey
Rachel Ozerkevich Art History Athleticism, militarism, and different forms of French nationalism at the end of the Belle Epoque period
Shreya Parikh Sociology Arab Immigration in France and the US; Political Sociology
Elena Peña-Argüeso Romance Studies Early modern literature of Spain
Kailey Rocker Anthropology Albania, collective memory, communist sites of memory
Manuel Sánchez Cabrera Romance Studies Decolonial thinking, cultural studies, performance, film in/from Latin America, and Latin american literature (especially those from Central America)
Stephanie Shady Political Science Comparative politics and methods
Josh Smith Art History Issues of gender, memory, and museums as they relate to conservative politics in French visual culture
Chelsea Sokol Romance Studies Portrayals of women in varied media, post-war Transatlantic feminism, modernism, and mourning
Allison Somogyi History The Jewish resistance and the Holocaust in Hungary
Larissa Stiglich History Modern European History
Carolin Suedkamp Communication Organizational communication, how museum professionals/workers conceptualize their work as meaningful, how people make sense of their work under precarious conditions
Didem Turkoglu Sociology Political Sociology, Social Movements, Race/Ethnicity, Economic Sociology, Political Culture, Comparative Historical Sociology, Mixed Methods
Daniela Weiner History Representations of the Second World War and the Holocaust in textbooks in the post-fascist countries of East Germany, West Germany, and Italy
Alexandra Wellington Art History the British Empire, anti-slavery art, exchange between Britain and Africa, and theories of Otherness and Blackness
Weixin Zhou Art History 20th-century European art, and art and labor

Recent Graduates

Name Department Research Interests Current Institution
Kate Good Romance Studies Gender dynamics, construction of national literary culture(s) in early twentieth century Catalonia and beyond Grinnell College
Gabriele Magni Political Science Political economy, with an interest in immigration, economic inequality, and redistribution Princeton University