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Connecting your classroom to the world: collaborating with the UNC and Duke Area Studies Centers

May 12, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join us on May 12 to learn about and discuss existing collaborations between UNC and Duke Area Studies Centers and Minority Serving Institutions and Community Colleges which have led to the internationalization of curricula across disciplines and institutions.

The event will feature faculty from Minority Serving Institutions and Community Colleges across the Southeast who have successfully added global content to their classrooms. These curricula changes have varied, but always focus on how to best introduce global content to their students by integrating it into their courses.

Our speakers will discuss how UNC and Duke Area Studies Centers’ resources have helped faculty in these endeavors. The Area Studies Centers will also present the resources available, including funding for travel, research, and classroom resources.

Opening session introducing the UNC and Duke Area Studies Centers
Session 1: Making connections across borders
Session 2: Tailoring the global to your local
Closing Session/Q&A

Event Recording


Melissa Buice

Assistant Professor of Political Science & Public Administration | UNC Pembroke
Melissa Buice received her PhD in political science from the University of Tennessee in 2013. Her research and teaching interests include gender and ethnicity in Latin America, the role of international and regional organizations in promoting human rights across the globe, and the development of an international human rights regime around sexual orientation and gender identity. She received a grant from CES in 2018 to enhance her international organizations class with content about European Union governance, and has continued to pull from this experience in teaching democracy and governance related to international organizations.

Matthew Cook

Professor of Postcolonial and South Asian Studies | North Carolina Central University
Dr. Matthew A. Cook studies history and anthropology as Professor of Postcolonial and South Asian Studies at North Carolina Central University. His research focuses on colonial and post-colonial South Asia, and he is currently the President of the American Institute for Pakistan Studies. He has collaborated with the Carolina Asia Center on the Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies and on exchange projects for visiting South Asian delegations.

Shannon Hahn

Chair of Foreign Languages and Spanish Instructor | Durham Technical Community College
Shannon Hahn is chair of foreign languages and a Spanish instructor at Durham Technical Community College. She has worked closely with various UNC and Duke Area Centers since 2015 to enhance global curriculum across campus, supporting faculty with content development and organizing events. She is also coordinator of the Global Distinction Program and works with students interested in developing global competence.

Shearon Roberts

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication | Xavier University of Louisiana
Dr. Shearon Roberts is a native of Trinidad and an assistant professor of mass communication at Xavier University of Louisiana. She researches journalism practices in the Caribbean, Caribbean media systems, and Caribbean media discourse. In 2019, Dr. Roberts was awarded a College Educators Research Fellowship from the UNC-Duke Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies to further her research on Haiti.

Rose Sackeyfio

Associate Professor of English | Winston-Salem State University
Prof. Rose Sackeyfio is an Associate Professor of English at Winston-Salem State University. Her area of specialization, and scholarly activities is inter-disciplinary and includes the literature of African and African American women, Women’s Studies, Cultural and Diaspora Studies and recently, South Asian Women’s Writing. Prof. Sackeyfio is a graduate of Hunter College, C.U.N.Y, and Ahmadu Bello University where she received her PhD.

Russell Smith

Professor of Geography in the Department of History, Politics & Social Justice; Faculty Lead for the Spatial Justice Studio at the Center for Design Innovation | Winston Salem State University
Dr. Russell M. Smith is a Professor of Geography in the Department of History, Politics & Social Justice and the Faculty Lead for the Spatial Justice Studio at the Center for Design Innovation (SJS @ CDI). His research interests include a variety of topics related to spatial justice including local government boundary change, urban form and the built environment and urban sustainability. In 2019, Dr. Smith received an award from CES to engage with European scholars interested in exploring spatial justice. This project seeks to provide a comparative examination into spatial injustice across two continents and also connect Dr. Smith with European scholars. To date, Dr. Smith has been successful in connecting with several European spatial justice scholars and is a co-founder of The Spatial Justice Network with Dr. Roberto Rocco at TU Delft.

This event is a collaboration between the African Studies Center, Carolina Asia Center, the Center for European Studies, the UNC-Duke Consortium for Middle East Studies, and the UNC-Duke Consortium in Latin America & Caribbean Studies.


May 12, 2021
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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