Student Profiles

Where can the EURO major take you? Browse these profiles of TAM students and EURO majors for possible career and academic options. Contact us at with questions about the major, TAM and professional paths.




Majors: Contemporary European Studies; Minor in French

Proposed TAM track/partner site: European Integration, Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (Jonathan is a current applicant to TAM)

Why the EURO major? The EURO major combined everything I needed at UNC: small classes, individual attention, the ability to take interdisciplinary courses, a focus on extensive language training, and the amazing events offered through the Center.

Why apply to TAM? Being interested in TAM is taking my studies to the next step by taking a more profound look at social policy and having the chance to study abroad again, for a longer period of time.

Languages: French (7 years) & Spanish (heritage speaker)

Study abroad: I chose to study abroad in France because I have always been interested in the university system here and wanted to improve my language skills, especially conversational. So far, it has been an adjustment but I can already tell my French is going to get better. Another goal for my time abroad was to experience as much of a new culture as possible and get out of my comfort zone. I think having this experience will equip me with the necessary skills to have an international career and be able to form connections with people from all different types of backgrounds.

Plans after UNC: I hope to have gained enough experience and understanding of international relations and hope to start out working for an NGO/non-profit focused on social change. After gaining some more professional experience, I then hope to work for somewhere such as the State Department and have an active role in the government as a public servant.


Amber Cassady

EURO CLASS OF ’16, TAM Class of ’18

Majors: Contemporary European Studies; Global Studies (Western Europe)

TAM track/partner site: European Integration, Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona

Why the EURO major and TAM?: Both the EURO major and TAM have enabled me to not only study Europe but also travel there and experience different languages, cultures, and societies. In addition to being academically challenged, both of these programs pushed me out of my comfort zone to view the world in a much more open and objective perspective.

Languages: Spanish & Portuguese (FLAS recipient)

How the Brussels Study Tour enhanced my education: Besides being in Brussels for the infamous Brexit vote (truly once in a lifetime!), I was able to see a glimpse of the inner workings of the European Union—this included invaluable question and answer sessions with top EU diplomats as well as first-hand experiences with how the organization is run from a day-to-day aspect.

Plans after TAM: I plan to pursue a career working for or in conjunction with the US government in Washington D.C. – this includes interest in working for the US State Department, think tanks, or organizations that focus on global US policy. In my career, I would like to utilize my language skills and focus on Ibero-American relations.




Tatiana Colón


Currently: Program Associate, International Operations, Global Communities

Majors: Contemporary European Studies: Integration and Enlargement; Global Studies: International Politics and Latin American Studies

Why EURO?: Completing the EURO major is one of the best decisions I have made. As I student, I was able to take advantage of a range of opportunities offered by the Center – including participating in a week-long Brussels Study Tour – and built relationships with professors, staff, and peers that will continue to help me in the future. The EURO major is perfect for anyone passionate in international/European affairs who wants the ability to get to know professors closely while being challenged to create interdisciplinary and interregional connections.

Languages: Fluent English and Spanish, Intermediate Portuguese, Beginner French

Global Experiences: As a student at UNC, I participated in the Burch Field Research Seminar for Domestic and International Affairs in Washington, DC, where I gained valuable internship experience while working at the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST).

Professional/Academic Experience: Atlantic Council, Board Relations and Development Intern • Peace Corps, Intern • Co-founder, European Horizons, UNC Chapter

More details: At ADST, I worked with staff to copy-edit oral history transcripts and publish short pieces on important and interesting moments and figures in U.S. diplomatic history. Following my internship with ADST, I interned with the Atlantic Council, a leading international relations think tank in DC, and worked with the Board Relations and Development team to analyze opportunities for organizational growth and relationship strengthening.
Following my time in DC, I returned to UNC and completed an internship with the Peace Corps while leading a team of students to found the UNC chapter of European Horizons, an international student-based think tank founded by Yale University. My experiences at think tanks and small organizations provided me with the interpersonal and organizational skills needed to lead a team of driven students hoping to foster conversation and concrete policy change. Since graduating from UNC, I accepted a position with Global Communities, an international development organization located in the DC area. My position as a Program Associate in International Operations has provided opportunities in project management for a range of programs in Latin America, and has introduced further opportunities in strategic planning and business development. The knowledge I gained through the EURO major has been especially helpful as it has provided me with the opportunity to share experiences and familiarity on a range of topics related to Europe and European-based development.


Liam Deering

EURO CLASS OF ’15, TAM Class of ’17

Majors: Contemporary European Studies; Political Science

TAM track/partner site: European Integration, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Why TAM? TAM has provided me with the opportunity to further pursue my strong interest in contemporary European political issues, develop my language skills even further, and to make great and useful connections with interesting people around the world. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at UNC and during the Transatlantic Masters Program.

Languages studied: Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Turkish

TAM research concentration: Secessionist movements and the process and effects of devolution

Global experiences: Summer study abroad in Sevilla, Spain (2014); FLAS recipient, Turkish in Istanbul (Summer 2016)


Gray Kinnier


Majors: Contemporary European Studies; History; Minor in Hispanic Studies

Planned TAM track/partner site: European Integration, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Why TAM?: I chose TAM because I believe that the only way to make progress is to do it at a global level. The problems our world faces are larger than the nation-state, and thus the only way to truly succeed is to cooperate across national borders.

Languages: English and Spanish

Global Experiences: Helped to found European Horizons at Carolina, and participated in a research paper on the effects of the U.S. Presidential Election on the Trans-Atlantic relationship. The paper was presented before the European Parliament Research Service in November of 2016.

Plans After TAM: After graduating from TAM, I would like to pursue a career in international relations and studies, be that through a think tank, an NGO, or the foreign service.