Digital Speakers Bureau

CES is pleased to launch our Digital Speakers Bureau video series! The production of these videos is thanks in part to generous funding by the Getting to Know Europe grant of the European Union Delegation to the US.

These videos have been produced in order to introduce students learning about the EU, including those in K-12, Community College, and university classrooms throughout NC and the whole US to world-renowned scholars and their research.

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The contents of these videos represent the scholarly opinion of the speakers and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union. We thank EURO major Thomas Elliott for all of his help with conceptualization and filming, and for his work editing the CES-produced videos.

What does it mean to be an EU citizen?




The European Union


Speaker: Liesbet Hooghe
W.R Kenan Distinguished Professor of Political Science, UNC


National Identity and the European Union


Speaker: Gary Marks
Burton Craige Distinguished Professor of Political Science, UNC


EU Perspectives on US Elections


Speaker: Christiane Lemke
Professor of Political Science, Leibniz University
+website (DE)


US Elections and Free Trade




What is a Welfare State?


Speaker: John Stephens
Gerhard E. Lenski, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Director of the Center for European Studies, & Director of the Transatlantic Masters Program, UNC


Austerity in the Eurozone