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Thank you for viewing the exhibit: “The Wannsee Conference and the Persecution and Murder of the European Jews.” We invite you to write your reactions and reflections on note cards and leave them in the Reflection Box.

Here are two prompts to consider:

· Did you learn anything new from this exhibit that has impacted your understanding of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust?

· Has anything you’ve learned from the exhibit prompted reflections about contemporary politics and events?

You may choose to include your name or write anonymously.

Faculty and staff from the Center for European Studies will read all contributions and some may be posted to a page on our website.

Be sure to join us on October 13 for further reflections and discussion as we screen The Conference in the Mandela Auditorium. Dr. Priscilla Layne will moderate a panel after the film with time for audience Q&A. A reception will follow that event. Go to our Campus Weeks page for more information.

Shared reflections are below…

“Though it makes sense, no one ever talks about the planning it took to carry out the Holocaust.

It was methodical and took so many people agreeing and being bystanders.

It is disgusting. We must push further to recognize the depths of such hatred and what people are capable of.”


“Most German officers have very average backgrounds.

Many studied law and economics.

It opened my eyes to how quickly this ideology can creep into society.”


“I did not know Jewish people became racialized in their persecution.”


“Growing up we didn’t learn much about the Holocaust.

This exhibit was very informative about the steps and events that happened leading up to the Holocaust.

I didn’t think or know that there was a meeting that led to the killing of the Jews.

It is portrayed a lot that Hitler was the ‘mastermind’ but he had many behind him and playing vital roles in the Holocaust.”