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Nov. 29th, EHC welcomed Dr. Urban Strandburg and Angelica Thell from the University of Gothenburg, the most recent TAM partner site. Dr. Strandburg gave a talk on his most recent paper “Expert Group Influence in EU Medicine Policy-Making: the Case of the Emergency Contraceptive ellaOne and the European Medicines Agency.” He also gave an overview of the Center for European Studies in Gothenburg, and present an outline for the Chapel Hill-University of Gothenburg Double Degree collaboration.

Dr. Strandberg has also passed along the following information on a student-led lunch event organizer called Brännpunkt Europa (“Focal Point Europe”). Since the start in the spring of 2012 Brännpunkt Europa has organized more than 70 events with almost 4500 participants. Among them are researchers, journalists, activists, prime ministers, ambassadors, and EU-commissioners.

This video was produced by the students involved with Brännpunkt Europa.

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