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UNC-CH History’s own Professor Karen Hagemann received the 2016 Hans Rosenberg Book Prize for Revisiting Prussia’s Wars Against Napoleon: History, Culture and Memory (Cambridge University Press, 2015). According to the announcement from the Central European History Society, “Revisiting Prussia’s Wars is a sweeping history of the Anti-Napoleonic Wars and their aftermath in 19th-century German memory. Skillfully combining political, military, cultural, and gender history, the book contributes to a new understanding of the importance and changing resonances of the Wars across a century and the upheavals of war, restoration, revolution, and national unification. Revisiting both revives serious analysis of the Napoleonic Wars and examines them from a new perspective (political culture) using new tools of analysis, including gender and memory studies. Hagemann was perhaps uniquely placed to accomplish the massive undertaking of Revisiting, which is a culmination of a career devoted to researching and rethinking the Napoleonic Wars and pioneering, in the process, the synthesis of political, military, and gender history. The book will be important in German historiography as an original synthesis and encyclopedic resource for the study of the 19th century and German memory culture in particular.”
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