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Lemke Blog

Dr. Christiane Lemke, Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Science, Professor of Political Science, Leibniz University of Hannover, was our most recent DAAD visiting Scholar. Her frequently updated blog, US-Wahlkampf 2016 – Einblicke und Analysen, is an informative and interesting way to learn about the current U.S. Presidential election. View more details about Professor Lemke on our Visiting Scholars page.

We invite you to read Dr. Christiane Lemke’s blog posts about the U.S. election. The most recent update (November 7) is entitled: Die Basis wählt: Early Voting, Mobilisierung und lokale Politik. Her blog posts focus on different aspects of the upcoming U.S. general election; the most recent post explores the North Carolina’s role in the national election as well as the local, state elections. Please note that this blog is published in German and that it is located on the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany’s website.


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