CES-Produced Sites

Revolution: The Iron Curtain in the Spotlight

A unique collaboration between UNC Center for European Studies and Burning Coal Theatre, REVOLUTION: The Iron Curtain in the Spotlight immerses students in the history and art behind David Edgar’s Eastern Europe Trilogy.

Ethnic Conflict in Yugoslavia

The violent breakup of Yugoslavia in the wake of the fall of communism in Europe shocked the world with its destruction and sheer human suffering. This module provides a very brief overview of the various conflicts in the Balkans and focuses on the role of ethnic identity in motivating violence.

European Identity

How successful has the European project been in creating a community of Europeans? Does studying abroad in another European country help to foster a sense of European identity? This teaching module addresses these questions using social identity theory, primary sources, and videos and surveys the EU’s successful Erasmus project.

ReOrienting the Veil

This multimedia website invites you on a journey that explores Islamic veiling practices in transnational contexts and from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The site has multiple entry points for educators and students alike who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the nature, meaning and displays of Islamic veiling in Europe and around the world.

Euro Economics

This online "textbook" serves as an introduction to economics for high school students and teachers through the lens of the European Union. The EU is a collection of 28 European member states, 17 of which are economically interlinked through the use of a single currency, the euro, making the EU an ideal starting point for learning the principles of economics.

Global Music

In collaboration with UNC's student-run radio station (WXYC 89.3 FM), UNC Global Area Studies Centers host a radio program focusing on a particular world region monthly during the semester. Each broadcast is a live "lesson" interspersing music from the world region with commentary from guest scholars. Lesson plans are provided for European editions of the show.

Policy Briefs

The EU in Brief is a series of concise documents that examine the economic and foreign policy relationship between the US and the EU as well domestic issues affecting contemporary Europe. Targeting the business and media community, the briefs are also an excellent resource for high school and community college educators and students.

Modern Europe Through Art

The META project integrates major Western European artistic movements in the 20th century with disciplines such as history, politics and sociology, thereby providing educators and their students with a clearer picture of the historical time periods, artwork, literature, and ideas that shaped contemporary Europe.

Francophone Identities

Interested in discovering and understanding the multiplicity of francophone identities? This bilingual French/English website provides educators and students points of reference, materials and practical information to spark reflection and examine the diversity of francophone identities, furthering their knowledge of contemporary Europe.