Please follow the application directions below if you wish to pursue the UNC MA in Political Science, Concentration TransAtlantic Studies (TAM I) or the UNC MA in Political Science, Concentration European Governance (TAM II). Before an application will be evaluated, it must be complete and meet the requirements below. Applicants are responsible for directing the materials appropriately according to the instructions provided. If you have any questions, please contact the TAM Office for clarification.

Please note that these directions apply to the UNC  MA degree TAM option.

A complete application includes the following documents, which can be mailed or submitted online:

If you wish to pursue a UNC MA degree, most application materials will be be submitted directly to the Graduate School at UNC-Chapel Hill via their online submissions process.

1.  Graduate School Application - UNC Graduate School application: Please fill out the form as an application for the TransAtlantic Masters Program - UNC M.A. in Political Science.

2.  Transcripts - You may upload these to the Graduate School's site and mail the originals to the Graduate School upon acceptance.

3.  GRE Scores - Official GRE General Test scores are required for all applicants pursuing a UNC-Chapel Hill M.A. degree. Plan to take the GRE by mid-December to be considered for fall admission. (UNC's ETS Institutional Code is R5816). While photocopies of score reports are useful for informal evaluation, the official report of your score must arrive before admission can be offered. Information on exam registration and score distribution requests is available via ETS.

4.  TOEFL or IELTS - All international applicants must submit a TOEFL or IELTS score which is no more than two-years old and which is reported directly from ETS.  Exceptions include:

a) applicants from countries where English is the sole official language of instruction. (Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Canada-except Québec, England, Ghana, Ireland, India, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago, Uganda, and Wales.)

b) applicants who have received or will receive a degree from an accredited university in the United States. (You must upload an unofficial transcript or verification of degree candidate status from that institution within the online admissions application. If you are offered admission, the official transcript must be received, or the English exam scores will be required to enroll.)

c) applicants who have received or will receive a degree from an accredited university where English is the sole language of instruction. (If you are a degree candidate in a university where English is the sole language of instruction, along with your request, you must submit an official verification from that university that English is the sole language of instruction along with your anticipated date of graduation. If the degree or an official verification is not received, the English exam scores will again be required.)

Applicants in category (a) will automatically receive the exception. If you believe you qualify for a waiver of the English standardized exam under categories (b) or (c), you must indicate this request along with any required official verification letters within the online admissions application.

5.  Application Fee - A non-refundable application fee is required for all applicants. This must be paid to the UNC-CH Graduate School in US dollars via credit card, a check drawn on a US bank account, or by money order. To find the current fee structure, please consult the UNC Graduate School.

6. Letters of Recommendation - Three (3) current letters of recommendation from persons qualified to evaluate your academic and professional qualifications are required. You should request recommendations from individuals who are familiar with your academic achievement and potential who can address your potential for success in this particular academic setting.

7.  Statement of Purpose - Provide a 500-word statement in English explaining your interest in the TransAtlantic Masters program and your research interests. Although this statement does not commit you to a particular topic or location for your thesis, it should indicate that you have given some thought to the structure of your study program.

8.  Writing Sample - Include a 10-page sample of your writing in English. This should be an academic essay, or a section of some larger academic work.

9.  CV - A recent copy of your curriculum vitæ is also required.

The following items (10-12) should be submitted directly to the TAM office at UNC-Chapel Hill or you may submit them electronically via the Graduate School's online platform  instead.

10.  TAM Program Application - The application may be downloaded at our application page.

11.  TAM Language Evaluation(s) - This form should be completed for any languages which have been learned through study; however, if English is one of your non-native languages, a TOEFL score will suffice. The language evaluation should be conducted by a university or college faculty member, with the goal of confirming the student's ability to participate fully in university level coursework in that language. (If a student is a native speaker of one of the consortium languages, it is not necessary to complete this form.) Please note that this form is optional, but recommended, if you are applying for TAM's track II. Please note also that if you are applying to study at Sciences Po, you must also take the DALF or TCF.

12.  Financial Certificate (Applies only to non-residents of the US) - In order to meet US immigration requirements for entry into the United States, proof of sufficient financial resources to cover educational and living expenses for the duration of your program must be in place before visa documents can be issued. A completed Financial Certificate outlining financial support available to you, along with original evidence of the amounts indicated (bank statements, scholarship letters, etc.), must be submitted along with your application for admission. This form is also required for international students currently residing in the United States. The University does not have special travel or study scholarships for international students.

All supporting documentation submitted with these financial certificates MUST be written in English, in US dollar amounts, and in triplicate. No exceptions can be made to this rule, and your application cannot be considered until these forms are completed. 2014-15 TAM Certificate

Special information for non-residents of the US:

Financial Certificate - Completion of the financial certificate must follow all regulations exactly. Please contact the TAM office at UNC with questions as you complete the forms and assemble supporting documentation. All supporting documentation must (1) bear the name of the student (2) be written in English and US dollars (3) be submitted in triplicate; photocopies cannot be accepted. Further information concerning visa, US Immigration, or financial certificate matters can be obtained from the UNC Office of International Student and Scholar Services.