Non-UNC Faculty Funding

The Center for European Studies has a number of awards available to Non-UNC faculty to develop materials, courses, or conduct research on Europe. Please see descriptions of these awards below.

*Please Note: International travel funded by the US Department of Education grant to CES requires prior approval by the USDoE and must comply with the Fly America Act. To Facilitate this process, we will need date of departure, city and country of departure, date of arrival, city and country of arrival, air carrier(s) and flight numbers. We need detailed travel information about all legs of your trip (including connecting flights and cities) in order to request approval. If you are flying on an airline that has partnership arrangements with a foreign carrier, please make sure that your ticket is booked on the US carrier and that the flight number listed is the US carrier number.

Acknowledgment of support and reporting requirements: Funding for these awards is provided by the US Department of Education. Awardees are required to properly acknowledge support as indicated in the award letter. CES grantees must also submit an online report here at the conclusion of the awarded activity.