June 5, 2014

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Introduction to the EU course with LEARN NC

Flags_of_European_UnionThe UNC European Union Center of Excellence and LEARN NC will be offering "The European Union: An Introduction for Teachers," an online professional development course.  The four-week course will run from June 25 to July 22, and will provide two CEUs and lots of online resources for learning and teaching.

The goal of this course is to introduce in-service teachers to the history and function of the European Union, as well as to digital resources and methods for student learning. By the end of the course, teachers will understand the EU as an essential part of European history, government, economics and culture, and will be able to facilitate learning about the EU through technology.

The final project is a standards-based technology-rich lesson plan incorporating online EU resources for each teacher's class.  Lesson plans will be submitted to the UNC EUCE for possible inclusion in the online lesson plan data base.

For more information, contact Dr. Regina Higgins. Register for the class here.

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Newsletter summer schedule

As things slow down for the summer, The Eurofile will be published monthly through the start of next school year. Biweekly publication will resume in the fall. Have a great summer!


CES presents the new EURO-TAM Dual BA-MA

EURO-TAM is a unique program that enables advanced undergraduate students to complete both a bachelor's degree in Contemporary European Studies and, upon application and admission, the research track of the TransAtlantic Masters Program in reduced time. The combination of EURO-TAM prepares graduates for international careers in a variety of fields including diplomacy, business, policy-making, public service, teaching, and research. Find more details here on the CES website with a sample course plan, or contact Tanya Kinsella, EURO curriculum advisor, at 919-962-1602, or Sarah Hutchison, TAM Associate Director, at 919-962-4507.


Enjoy our new Eurofile Podcast series

In our latest venture into multimedia and social media, CES presents a periodic podcast featuring audio interviews with European scholars both established and in training. Visit UNCEurope on SoundCloud. Interested in FLAS? The latest edition visits with Italian Studies doctoral student Sydney Conrad and his Portuguese Futurism adventures. It's all for your education, so please comment and share often!

CES-Sponsored Events and Speaker Series

Over the summer months, there are no upcoming sponsored public events.  Look out for events coming in Fall 2014, and have a great summer! In the meantime, check out our new teaching module (link below), and relive your favorite events on our YouTube channel. Please remember to comment and share too!

CES Teaching Resource Highlights


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The channel is the home to original resources for students and the greater public too. You will find lectures from our Fall Friday series and by our esteemed visiting scholars and interviews with thought leaders. Enjoy our growing library of topics on contemporary Europe. Help us grow our family of subscribers!


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Ethnic Conflict in Yugoslavia: A new teaching website from the Center for European Studies

'The violent breakup of Yugoslavia in the wake of the fall of communism in Europe shocked the world with its destruction and sheer human suffering. This module provides a very brief overview of the various conflicts in the Balkans and focuses on the role of ethnic identity in motivating violence.
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Watch video

As the world watches events in Ukraine, view the recent panel discussion at UNC-Chapel Hill.

'Crisis in Ukraine,' March 4, 2014, organized by CSEEES, co-sponsored by CES
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Ukraine panel

Other International Events and Resources

Fulbright Specialist Program

Next application deadline: July 1, 2014

The FSP awards grants to US faculty and professionals approved to join the Specialist Roster in select disciplines to engage in short-term collaborative projects at eligible institutions in over 140 countries worldwide. Shorter grant lengths give Specialists greater flexibility to pursue projects that work best with their current academic or professional commitments. International travel costs and a per-day grant payment are funded by the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Participating host institutions cover grantee in-country costs.

For more information, see the Fulbright website.

D.C. Skills Initiative Working Group

The American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) at Johns Hopkins has been working on bringing together a number of different actors concerned with workforce development in the U.S. to encourage sharing of ideas, learning lessons from different countries, seeing what challenges lay ahead, and where further cooperation is needed to encourage public-private partnerships towards promoting specialized skills training opportunities.

AICGS is now putting together a working group of young professionals from a variety of different sectors and backgrounds (energy, education, finance, industry, manufacturing, etc.) to discuss the role of workforce training in economic development around the world, and hopes to make this a monthly series.

For more information, contact Kimberly Frank.