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European Horizons @ UNC: Opinion on Catalonia Referendum

The content of this post is the opinion of the student author and can in no way be taken to represent the views of the Center for European Studies or the European Union. As Catalonian citizens went to the polls on Sunday, they were met by innumerable Spanish national police in riot gear with clubs and guns loaded with stress ball sized rubber bullets. Voters were forcefully removed from polling places; people [...]

Call for Applications: Jean Monnet EU Visiting Scholar Position

Now Accepting Applications: Jean Monnet EU Visiting Scholar UNC-Chapel Hill | Spring 2018 + Email Katie Shanahan Lindner to Apply + The Jean Monnet Center at the UNC Center for European Studies is pleased to announce a call for applications for a Jean Monnet EU Visiting Scholar. The Visiting Scholar will spend approximately 6 weeks at UNC during the 2018 spring semester (January-April). The scholar will be responsible for teaching a section [...]

Meet Mariano Torcal, Jean Monnet Visiting Scholar/Spring 2017

Mariano Torcal, JMCE Visiting Scholar Join us in welcoming Dr. Mariano Torcal, our Jean Monnet Visiting Scholar for Spring 2017! Dr. Torcal has served as a Full Professor of Political Science at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra since 2006. He received a Ph.D. from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1995) and a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University (2001). We asked him the following questions about his research and plans for his time [...]

UNC History’s Mary Walters on Albania and Genocide

Mary Elizabeth Walters, a Ph.D. candidate in military history at UNC, stresses the importance of challenging genocidal rhetoric and recognizing it as the first step towards violence. Walters explores the inevitable path connecting genocidal rhetoric and genocidal violence in her recently published Op-Ed, “Words matter: the slippery slope to the unthinkable.” She cites several historical instances in which genocidal rhetoric was ignored or disregarded as “just words,” but developed into [...]

Public Debt Workshop

Authors Alexis Metzger and Kylee Vaughn are first years majoring in Contemporary European Studies, and have assured admission into the TransAtlantic Masters (TAM) Program through Excel in Europe @ Carolina. They attended "The Politics of EU Debt Management in the EU and Beyond" on November 10, 2016, to learn more about how the EU and other governments manage sovereign debt. The workshop was organized by Dr. Layna Mosley, Professor of Political Science, with the [...]

Dr. Karen Hagemann wins 2016 Hans Rosenberg Book Prize

UNC-CH History's own Professor Karen Hagemann received the 2016 Hans Rosenberg Book Prize for Revisiting Prussia’s Wars Against Napoleon: History, Culture and Memory (Cambridge University Press, 2015). According to the announcement from the Central European History Society, "Revisiting Prussia’s Wars is a sweeping history of the Anti-Napoleonic Wars and their aftermath in 19th-century German memory. Skillfully combining political, military, cultural, and gender history, the book contributes to a new understanding of the [...]


Sylvia, EURO Major Class of '18 Sylvia N. Roper, Class of '18, is a double major in Political Science and Contemporary European Studies with a minor in History. She has high hopes for her European career. Sylvia explains her interests in Europe, why she chose the major, and what her future goals are. What led to your interest in contemporary Europe and the Contemporary European Studies major? I declared [...]

New Blog Post: Die Basis wählt: Early Voting, Mobilisierung und lokale Politik

Dr. Christiane Lemke, Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Science, Professor of Political Science, Leibniz University of Hannover, was our most recent DAAD visiting Scholar. Her frequently updated blog, US-Wahlkampf 2016 - Einblicke und Analysen, is an informative and interesting way to learn about the current U.S. Presidential election.View more details about Professor Lemke on our Visiting Scholars page. We invite you to read Dr. Christiane Lemke's blog posts about the U.S. election. [...]