Excel at Carolina: EURO Program

The Center for European Studies is excited to welcome the third cohort of the Excel at Carolina: EURO program participants! This page is just an overview of the program. There will be much more information at the Excel: EURO-TAM program orientation in August 2017.

If you have received an email confirming your selection for our assured admission fast-track, we are offering you the opportunity to complete your BA and MA degrees in five years on this unique program. You also have the option of completing the traditional 4-year BA and 2-year TAM program. The information on this page will help you navigate the steps you need to take in order to get started!

Through Excel at Carolina in Europe, CES admits a group of first-year undergraduate students and assures them admission into the TransAtlantic Masters (TAM) Program. Students declare a Contemporary European Studies major, which CES staff will work with you to confirm. For more details on how the combined EURO major + TAM program works, check out the EURO-TAM page.

Note: If you are already a UNC student, the dual EURO-TAM track may still be available to you. Click on the EURO-TAM page or contact us for more information! If you are in high school with an interest in UNC and Europe, you can learn more about the Excel@Carolina program.

Who do I contact for...?

CES Executive Director Katie Lindner
Associate Director, TransAtlantic Masters Program Sarah Hutchison, PhD
Associate Director, TransAtlantic Masters Program Sarah Hutchison, PhD

Where can I find out...?

CES has a master list of all courses that have been approved for EURO major credit. This list shows what requirement it counts toward, when it is typically offered (fall, spring, summer), and who teaches it. You can find this list here: europe.unc.edu/euro/courses/

If you are interested in taking a course that you think should receive EURO major credit (i.e. it is a course directly related to contemporary Europe), come talk to us! You can submit a request to the EURO major advisor for this course to count towards your major.

Social media is a great place to start! CES has a Facebook and Twitter (@UNCEurope) where we post our events, but you can also see all of our in-house and co-sponsored events on our website calendar.

The Center holds quite a number of event throughout the year: special get-togethers for EURO majors, lectures, films; we also co-sponsor a number of series: the Ambassador's Forum brings Ambassadors to UNC to talk about current affairs, the NC German Seminar Series, and the Gender, War and Culture Series. We'd love to see you there!

Only a select number of EU institutions offer internships to non-European students. You can find a list of the ones that will accept American students here.

By the way, that page is where CES lists all of the external opportunities that we hear about: scholarships, fellowships, internships, travel funding, etc. Check it out sometime.

CES Staff can also help you think about internships and put you in contact with an alumni.

If you are thinking about pursuing an internship abroad, consider applying for Carolina Global Initiative Award!

Pre-Professional Experiences

Before you land that amazing internship at the EU Delegation or a U.S. Embassy in Europe, you can build your resume by engaging in a pre-professional experience through the Center for European Studies - offered only to Excel@EURO-TAM students.

More information on opportunities is coming soon. Make sure to check back to see what might be a good fit for your interests and the skills you want to develop over the course of your first year at Carolina.

A checklist to get you started

About the Center for European Studies

The Center for European Studies is one of six geographic area studies centers at UNC-CH. The Center for European Studies is the hub for Europe on campus: we run a major and masters program, we conduct events and outreach activities to educate university and community audiences on Europe, and we organize faculty working groups and fund research on European issues.

The Center is one of the few academic units on campus that is not a department yet that offers a major (technically what the university calls a 'curriculum'): The Contemporary European Studies Major (EURO).  We also run the TransAtlantic Masters Program, a unique Master's program with ten partner sites in Europe. TAM is a fully customizable degree; there are about 350 unique pathways a TAM student could choose depending on where they would want to go and what they are interested in studying.

The EURO-TAM BA/MA combines these two complimentary degrees and, in select cases, allows students to complete both in reduced time through the accelerated 5-year option. Students can complete both degrees in the traditional 6-year plan.

While any student at UNC can apply to be part of the EURO-TAM BA/MA, only pre-selected Excel:Euro program students have access to special opportunities from the Center for European Studies and, upon completion of program requirements, a guaranteed recommendation from the Center to the Graduate School for admission to TAM (subject to successful completion of the Excel:Euro program).

Get to know Center staff!

Katie Shanahan Lindner - Executive Director

About Katie

Favorite European Country: Germany

Why she loves working for the Center: Because of all the interesting people, both American and European, that we can bring together at the Center

Professor John D. Stephens - Director

About John

Here is a great video where Professor Stephens explains what originally got him interested in European studies and why our programs are world class.

Sarah Hutchison - TAM Associate Director

About Sarah

Favorite European Country: France

Why she loves working for the Center: Because of the awesome and interesting students!

Noel Bynum - International Education Program Coordinator

About Noel

Inspiration: Connecting international events and concepts to local communities in NC.

Stephanie Volk - Business Manager

About Stepanie

Why she loves working for the Center: My amazing colleagues, because there's never a dull moment!