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Dutch Eurosceptics Make Their Voices Heard

By: Michael McDonough On April 6th voters took to the polls in the Netherlands to vote on the ratification of the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement. The EU and Ukraine signed the agreement in 2014, and the Netherlands is the only remaining member state that has not completed its ratification of the deal. The referendum was a product of the Advisory Referendum Act of 2015. This [...]

April 13th, 2016|European Horizons at Carolina|

The Turkey agreement and the dash to curb the refugee crisis

By: Mattie C. Webb On March 7th, the European Union endorsed a deal between Germany and Turkey that was crafted in a concerted effort to deal with the mass movement of migrants into Europe. The deal reached a “unanimous” agreement on March 18th. En route to curbing the crisis, the deal serves to dismantle the work of smugglers, encourage Turkey to work toward democratic principles, [...]

March 22nd, 2016|European Horizons at Carolina|

A Week After The Paris Attacks: Overview And Ramifications

By: Mattie Webb Last Friday, the Islamic State (ISIS) targeted Paris, killing 130 innocent people and leaving another 367 injured. French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency for France, calling for an international coalition against the Islamic State. The ramifications of these heinous acts constitute a global threat, raise new fears and have heightened challenges for the transatlantic community. Shortly after last [...]

November 21st, 2015|European Horizons at Carolina|

Opportunities Within IAPSS!

Dear members and colleagues of IAPSS, It is my pleasure to inform you about the latest opportunities within the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS)! There are a lot of things going on internally and thereby, we are proud to present to you open calls both within the Events Department and within the Department of Congress Management. Most importantly however, applications for the IAPSS [...]

December 2nd, 2014|EXOPP|